English courses

Cours anglais

Your needs

You are a company, and you would like to develop at an international level and wish to :

  • speak fluent English with your clients, your providers, and international associates
  • actively participate in fairs, conferences, meetings, and business negotiations in English.
  • accurately describe and highlight your services and products in English.
  • conduct a debate in a juridical, technical or business field in English.

You are an individual and would like to :

  • improve and to consolidate your English for your professional carrier, or to be prepared for English interviews


Our solutions

To give you confidence in your abilities to fluently speak English by practicing tailored English conversation courses in using specific vocabulary in your fields to acquire automatisms and wordings.

Only individual courses.

We draw your attention to the fact that our conversation courses are not eligible for any financial aids, nor for any diploma. Their objectives are to improve your active oral skills, and to feel confident in public speaking in an anglophone context.

Cours anglais

Thanks to my multicultural and international experience of over 20 years as an examiner at the European Patent Office (EPO), where English was my daily professional language, I have developed a polyvalence and versatility that enable me to ensure customised English courses.

My expatriate life has given me cultural awareness and in-depth knowledge of English conversation, which applies to different contexts and to people of all nationalities.

Cours anglais

My passion is fully based on the concept of expression-transformation-evolution.

Mine is an approach of openness and learning which integrates different concepts enabling self-expression, creativity, transformation, evolution and the formation of a virtuous circle.


Via the words, the translation English/ French, the English courses, the conversations, the drawings, the sketches…


Switching from one language to another, making sense, obtaining a shape or an ambiance in combining words or strokes…


Always learning and assimilating new concepts or techniques to express oneself, to transform and create.