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Launch of our website

Launch of our website

We are pleased to inform you that the Maxellendry website is online. As it is an online showcase for our company, this tool has been designed for...


About me

My name is Florence Joly, and I am the founder of MAXELLENDRY.

Following on from 20 years of international and multicultural experience as an examiner at the European Patent Office (EPO), I have opted to support the international activities of businesses with my linguistic expertise.

English was my daily professional language, involving the mastery of relevant legal vocabulary and precise technical terminology in a variety of fields.

My life as an expatriate has given me a cultural grounding and in-depth knowledge of English conversation, which applies to different contexts and to people of all nationalities.

As an experienced engineer having multidisciplinary skills (para-medical, textile, mechanics, laminates, ISO9000 standards, metrology), my versatility and flexibility ensure customized English courses, as well as faithful translations

Since my passion is fully based on the concept of expression-transformation-evolution, I also create lace sketches which enable me to express my passion for drawing and to combine it with my technical engineering mindset.

My exclusive creations comprise the yarn paths, ensuring their technical reproducibility on Leavers looms.