Linguistic & Artistic Services

traduction français - anglais


Do you want a faithful, reliable and usable translation? Discover our tailored translation services in scientific, technical and legal fields. We offer relevant translations adapted to your sector, making it possible to convey the meaning and all the nuances of your text.

Design dentelle

Design (Lace)

Discover our textile design services that are specialized in the sketching of Leavers lace patterns including their transcription into technical charts. Our procedure ensures their exclusivity and intellectual property rights. Our design services also offer artistic designs for stationery, textiles, and illustrations.


English courses

Would you like to improve your skills in active oral English? We provide personally tailored courses in English conversation to help you speak fluently. We draw your attention to the fact that our courses are not eligible for any financial aids, nor for any diploma.

Who am I ?

My name is Florence Joly, and I am the founder of Maxellendry which provides linguistic services. Following on from 20 years of international and multicultural experience as an examiner at the European Patent Office (EPO), I have opted to support the international activities of businesses with my linguistic expertise.

English was my daily professional language, involving the mastery of relevant legal vocabulary and precise technical terminology in a variety of fields. My life as an expatriate has given me a cultural grounding and in-depth knowledge of English conversation, which applies to different contexts and to people of all nationalities.

As an experienced engineer having multidisciplinary skills (para-medical, textile, mechanics, laminates, ISO9000 standards, metrology), my versatility and flexibility ensure customized English courses, as well as faithful translations.

Since my passion is fully based on the concept of expression-transformation-evolution, I also provide design services. I especially create lace sketches which enable me to express my passion for drawing and to combine it with my technical engineering mindset.

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Linguistic skills

I provide English-French translations. My clients are companies or entities working in legal and scientific areas who need to obtain accurate translations in order to protect their interests. Through my services, they can focus on their core business.

Meanwhile, I organise tailored English courses so that their employees can express themselves with confidence during negotiations or conferences. This helps them develop their careers and allows the company to grow internationally.

Artistic skills

As part of MAXELLENDRY, I also create lace sketches. My exclusive creations also comprise tracings which chart the passage of yarns, ensuring their technical reproducibility on Leavers looms.

Thanks to my background as a textile engineer, I am very efficient in adapting to technical developments and working on tailor-made assignments.

My experience abroad has enriched my sensitivity to various cultures, and allows me to bring you innovative inspirations.

My passion is fully based on the concept of expression-transformation-evolution.

Mine is an approach of openness and learning which integrates different concepts enabling self-expression, creativity, transformation, evolution and the formation of a virtuous circle.


Via the words, the translation English/ French, the English courses, the conversations, the drawings, the sketches…


Switching from one language to another, making sense, obtaining a shape or an ambiance in combining words or strokes…


Always learning and assimilating new concepts or techniques to express oneself, to transform and create.