Translation French ↔ English

Traduction Français Anglais

Your needs

  • To obtain a faithful translation of your original text, in order to preserve information and communication issues for their recipients,
  • In scientific, technical, or juridical fields
  • In particular, within the context of patents, standards, specifications, technical notices,
  • To obtain a French/English version of your business documents or website texts,
  • To be in direct contact with the translator
  • To ensure confidentiality
  • To enjoy a tailored service

Our solutions

  • To provide you with an accurate translation, which is adapted to your line of business, done by a translator specialised in your field.
  • To search for the wording used in the fields so as to be accurate, appropriate and to convey all the meaning and the nuances of your text.
  • To make the translation reliable by the relevant choice of words and the specificity of the language in the field.
Traduction Français Anglais

Thanks to my multicultural and international experience of over 20 years as an examiner at the European Patent Office (EPO), where English was my daily professional language, I am proficient in the legal vocabulary and technical terminology of a number of fields.

As an experienced engineer having multidisciplinary skills (para-medical, textile, mechanic, laminates, ISO9000 standards, metrology), my versatility and flexibility ensure faithful, precise, and appropriate translations.

My passion is fully based on the concept of expression-transformation-evolution.

Mine is an approach of openness and learning which integrates different concepts enabling self-expression, creativity, transformation, evolution and the formation of a virtuous circle.


Via the words, the translation English/ French, the English courses, the conversations, the drawings, the sketches…


Switching from one language to another, making sense, obtaining a shape or an ambiance in combining words or strokes…


Always learning and assimilating new concepts or techniques to express oneself, to transform and create.