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Design dentelle

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As part of MAXELLENDRY, I also create lace sketches which enable me to express my passion for drawing and to combine it with my technical engineering mindset.

My exclusive creations comprise the yarn paths, ensuring their technical reproducibility on Leavers looms.

The Lace, which is produced at Caudry and Calais on Leavers looms, has an incomparable fineness and is the most similar to hand-made lace.

The Leavers looms are of a great complexity and offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of stitches and motifs.

Hence my interest in making sketches for this very singular lace and in transforming them into technical drawings which connect my passion for drawing and the expression of my creativity to technology, and my interest in all the multiple evolutions in textile design and technicality.

Thanks to my textile engineering background, I efficiently adjust to technical changes and I am able to provide tailored works.

Design dentelle

Respect for Intellectual Property law due to my experience as an EPO examiner is built into the creative process ensuring confidentiality, exclusivity, and copyright.

In order to provide the exclusivity of the drawings, I have established a procedure that guarantees confidentiality and protects the intellectual property rights.


Lace design

My passion is fully based on the concept of expression-transformation-evolution.

Mine is an approach of openness and learning which integrates different concepts enabling self-expression, creativity, transformation, evolution and the formation of a virtuous circle.


Via the words, the translation English/ French, the English courses, the conversations, the drawings, the sketches…


Switching from one language to another, making sense, obtaining a shape or an ambiance in combining words or strokes…


Always learning and assimilating new concepts or techniques to express oneself, to transform and create.