Why request the services of a translator ?

July 2021

Translation services

Why request the services of a human translator?

A translation should accurately convey the meaning of the text.

This is particularly relevant for scientific, technical, juridical or normative texts, because each of their specific terms is of importance to fully utilise them.

A translation, which does not use the appropriate vocabulary, makes the text interpretation inaccurate and vague, and its use very difficult in practical experience (in industry, laboratories, university, audit, etc.).

Nothing is more off-putting than a translation that is illegible, inconsistent, incomplete or leaving a doubt as to its meaning while being crucial for the document implementation (for example, within the framework of standards, specifications, patents…).

Via the Maxellendry services, I ensure you that the technical and juridical aspects of your original text are analysed and understood as a whole for obtaining an accurate translation thanks to my professional background as an engineer and as a patent examiner in these fields.

Moreover, the choice of terms is not only based on the word definition in its source language, but also on definition checks and synonym checks of its equivalent in the target language. This switching game between the two languages enables an enhancement of the selection of expressions and to adequately capture the meaning of the original text. Furthermore, I ensure the consistency of the juridical and technical vocabulary throughout the document to obtaining a clear text.

Translating is not only a translation of words one after another. The style and the expression of the original text should be maintained while adjusting them to the grammar and possible expressions in the target language.

In addition, the dialogue with the customer enables some points to be refined and to get an appropriate text for its future readers and users.

All these conditions can only be obtained through a translation made by a human translator.

The translation services of Maxellendry ensure that you get a clear, faithful, and reliable translation.

Do you have a translation project, or would you like to have a correction of an unsatisfactory translation? Please contact us, we will willingly examine your project.